Small Groups

Our Small Groups will return on September 8th, 2019. Be sure to check out the updated Small Groups list to stay up to date and find the right small group for you!

Singles // Karen Hamilton - Meet at home from 5-7PM on 2nd and 4th Sunday.

Middle School // Jeremy & Ashleigh Wilkerson - Meet at home from 5-7PM on Sunday.

High School // Jeff & Heather Adams - Meet at home from 5-7PM on 2nd & 4th Sunday. 

Young Adults // Brandon & Jenny Morgan - Meet at home from 6-8PM on 2nd & 4th Sunday. 

Adults // John & Katheryn Irby - Meet at home from 5-6PM on 2nd & 4th Sunday.

Adults // Brandon & Brittney Shelly - Meet at home from 5-7PM on 2nd& 4th Sunday. 

Adults // Carlton & Sherry Tipp - Meet at home at 6Pm every other Thursday.

Adults // Ricky & Donna Dement - Meet at 5PM 3rd Sunday

Golf // Jeremy Knight - Meet at Golf course on Saturday mornings.